3 Golden BMW Maintenance Tips

26 February 2015
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When you purchase a luxury car, you will need to be sure that you are taking it upon yourself to protect your investment. For example, the true cost to own of a 2015 BMW 3 Series is approximately $58,000, which means that you'll need to put some work into the car, even after the initial purchase. If you're looking to get some serious longevity out of your BMW and want to make sure it runs at its best, consider some of the following tips to maintaining your vehicle. These tips will assist you regardless of what model or year BMW you own, so use them accordingly. 

#1: Take Good Care Of Your Tires

Regardless of what vehicle you own, you'll need to get some serious handling out of it. For your vehicle to properly accelerate and decelerate, turn and maintain reasonable gas mileage, you should keep a fresh set of tires on your car at all times. 

You'll know that it's time for new tires if the sidewalls are cracked, you have bulging areas or blisters in the tires or the tread wears down to the point that it is more difficult to stop. This is a tremendous safety hazard, so take it upon yourself to get new tires as soon as you can. 

#2: Secure A Luxury Vehicle Maintenance Plan

As a BMW owner, you will need to be sure that you're able to pay for routine repairs like tire rotations and oil changes. In the case of BMW, the manufacturer will let you get free maintenance up to the 50,000 mile mark. This can save you a tremendous amount of money, since luxury car dealerships will typically charge you more for such repairs. Getting one of these plans up front can go a long way toward helping you with the upkeep of your vehicle through a company like Autowerkes.

#3: Wax The Auto Body

Luxury cars typically have specialized paint colors that are more difficult to find, and thus, more expensive. You can protect your pay throughout the years by making sure you wax the car twice per year. Staying on top of your vehicle waxing will allow you to ward off the threat of scratches and paint dulling, so that you're able to maintain the brilliance of your automobile's original paint job. 

Take advantage of these three golden vehicle maintenance tips, so that you can keep tabs on your BMW throughout the course of ownership.