Get Ready For Road Trips This Summer By Maintaining Your Transmission

26 February 2015
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Keeping your car in good condition is especially important if you have dreams of going on long road trips when summer arrives. Being out on the open road can be incredibly freeing, but this great experience can quickly become stressful if your car begins to have any problems as a result of a faulty transmission. In fact, transmission repairs can be one of the most expensive car repairs to take care of, ranging anywhere between $300 to $5000.

To keep your transmission in good condition, consider the following five tips.

Take Your Car in for Annual Fluid Changes

The transmission fluid is responsible for keeping all the gears moving smoothly inside of your car. Unlike oil changes or coolant, transmission fluid only needs to be replaced yearly. Marking the date of this service on a calendar can help ensure that you don't skip important fluid changes.

Replace the Transmission Filter Regularly

The filter is responsible for trapping debris and grime that have come in contact with your transmission while driving. Just like any other part of your car that uses a filter, such as the air conditioning system, you'll need to make sure that the filter is replaced when needed.

Opt for an Auxiliary Cooler to Reduce the Heat

A common reason for a transmission to have problems is due to excess heat. Luckily, this can be resolved by getting an auxiliary cooler installed. This cooler can help provide much-needed cooling to your transmission while on long drives, helping to prevent overheating.

Avoid Overfilling Your Car

Every car has a certain weight capacity that is permitted before potential damage is done to the car. While it can be tempting to stuff your car full of furniture while moving or assorted items while on a road trip, overfilling can be far too much weight on your car. This can lead to the transmission overheating and result in expensive repairs.

Use the Parking Brake When on an Incline

The transmission is even working when the car is turned off, specifically when parking on a hill. If you're on even a slight incline, it's a good idea to use an emergency brake to prevent too much strain on the transmission.

Taking care of your car's transmission is crucial if you have big plans for driving this summer. Maintenance doesn't need to be expensive or even very regular if you take the time to look into the major services your car needs for the transmission to be in good shape before summer arrives.