Tips For Maintaining Your Porsche's Leather Seats

28 September 2015
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Your Porsche may be one of the most important assets that you own, and it is important for you to keep this car in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, there are many people that are not sure of the steps that should be taken to keep their Porsche's leather seats in good condition. Luckily, if you follow these tips, you should find that your seats stay in excellent condition for many years to come. 

Clean The Seat Regularly

It is common for people to neglect cleaning their leather seats. This may seem like a minor oversight, but it can drastically increase the amount of wear and tear this part of your car will experience. This is because the dirt on the seats will scrape and wear away the surface of the leather. 

Fortunately, cleaning your leather seats is a relatively simple task. You should first wipe down the seat with a damp cloth to remove as much of the dirt as possible.The next thing you should do is to apply a leather cleaner to your seats. These cleaners are specially formulated to remove dirt while also moisturizing the leather to enhance its shine. 

Keep The Seats Sealed

In addition to cleaning the leather seats, you should also apply a sealant to them. These sealants will form a protective barrier that will help to reduce staining. Unfortunately, if you do not have this on your seat and you spill a drink, there may be a permanent stain in the seat. To apply the sealant, you will need to coat the entire seat with this substance, and you should pay special attention to the area where you sit. 

Preventing stains is not the only threat that sealants can combat. The sun will gradually bleach the color out of your leather, but you can apply a sealant that has ultraviolet protection. These sealants will reflect these rays so that they can not damage your leather. While you will need to apply these sealants after each time your wash the seats, this is a task that can be more than worth the minor inconvenience. 

Maintaining your Porsche's leather seats is an important part of ensuring your car's interior looks great and is as comfortable as possible. Taking the time to clean these seats on a regular basis and applying a sealant to them will help you to keep normal wear and tear from ruining the appearance of your leather seats. For more advice on servicing your Porsche, speak with professionals like Autobahn Service Inc. - Porsche Specialist.