Planning to Head to Washington, D.C., to Rally for Your Cause? Car-Maintenance Steps to Take First

31 January 2017
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No matter what political party or specific cause you support, you may be planning to attend a rally, march, or lobbying session in Washington, D.C., to be an active part of government and the running of the country. However, if you do not live in Washington, D.C., or the immediate surrounding areas, you have quite the journey ahead of you. If and when you decide to drive to D.C. for the big event, you may be more worried about what you will be doing when you get there than the journey itself. But in order to have a successful trip, you need to make sure that your car maintenance is taken care of before you head out. Get to know some of the car-maintenance steps that you need to take before you head to D.C. so that you can be sure you get to your rally safely.

Have Your Tired Inspected and Replaced If Necessary

One of the most important car-maintenance factors to consider when you are about to take a long trip on the highway is to have your tires checked and taken care of. The first step will be to have your tires inspected.

This means that the treads need to be inspected to ensure that they are not fraying and that the treads are not worn down. The inspection will also include a test of your tire pressure and should also involve your tire balance.

If your mechanic determines that your tires are not safe to take across the country, then you will need to head to the tire store and select a new set of tires before you hit the road. Driving on tires with worn-down treads can cause your tire to blow out on the highway, and this is a scary and dangerous experience to have and can result in significant damage to your vehicle. 

Check Your Fluids, Carry Extra Fluids, and Check Your Spare Tire

Before you hit the road, be sure that you also check your vehicle's fluids. This includes your antifreeze, windshield-wiper fluid, and engine oil. If any of these fluids are low, replenish them. It is also a great idea to carry extra fluids in your trunk in case of issues on the road. A quart of oil and a small container of windshield-wiper fluid would be sufficient to ensure that if your fluids get low, you can still manage.

As a final touch, just in case you do have an issue with one of your tires on the road, go ahead and check your spare tire. The spare tire should have good air pressure so that it can be replace your damaged tire with your spare quickly and get back on the road. When you check the spare tire, take a quick look that your jack and lug wrench are also in the tire carrier, and you can rest assured that you are prepared to change your tire if necessary.

Now that you know a few of the car-maintenance steps to take when you are planning to head to Washington, D.C., to rally and march for your cause, you can be sure that you can get to D.C. safely and successfully.

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