Is Your RV Generator In Need Of Repair? What You Should Know

1 August 2019
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Your RV's power generator is a crucial component for your RV enjoyment. Without the power generator, you'll need to be connected to a constant electrical supply in order to have power. Before you take your RV out for the summer camping season, it's important that you test the generator and recognize the signs that it is in need of repair. Here are a few common things you should be attentive to.

Will The Generator Power On?

The very first thing you should do is power the generator on and see how it runs. If it won't power on and you're certain that it has fuel, that's a key indication that there's something wrong. You can check to be sure that the fuel supply line is open as well.

You should also check the oil levels. Low oil in the generator can also lead to a unit that won't start. If you've confirmed that the oil and the fuel are full and in good condition, you'll need to reach out to an RV repair technician for service and repair. In that case, the problem is most likely internal.

Does The Generator Stay Running?

If the generator starts but then shuts back off, that's another indication that there's a problem. In most cases, this type of issue is caused by carburetor problems. If the carburetor is clogged, it will inhibit the fuel flow and cause the unit to shut down.

Many cases of carburetor problems are caused by improper storage preparation. You should always drain the fuel out of your generator when you put the RV up for the cold months. Otherwise, the fuel left sitting in the tanks can get gummed up, leaving a residue on the carburetor's surfaces. This will clog the unit, meaning that the carburetor will need to be removed, thoroughly cleaned, and then put back.

You may also have to flush the fuel lines and the rest of the fuel system to remove any other residual issues. Otherwise, you could re-introduce problems when you put the clean carburetor back on and start the unit.

Does The Generator Run Rough?

If your generator powers on and runs but it sounds sputtery or rough when it's running, you'll want to call an RV repair technician. A generator that runs rough is in need of service and repair. Sometimes, the problem is caused by worn or defective spark plugs, and other times, it could be caused by old fuel or old oil that's degraded. Either way, you should have a technician assess it and repair it as soon as possible.

For more information, contact an RV repair company.