Problems With Your Transmission: When To Bring Your Vehicle In For A Repair

21 October 2019
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Your transmission takes care of changing speeds on your vehicle, making it possible to drive fast and reverse your direction. While issues with how your car is handling does not always mean there is a transmission problem, it is something to consider when your car doesn't get up to speed right away or is not getting into gear like normal. There are a number of signs that indicate your transmission needs work, and the most obvious can be the warning light on your dashboard turns on. Warning lights should never be ignored, especially your transmission warning light. You might also notice pink or red fluid on the ground, another indication that your transmission needs to be serviced.

When Your Vehicle Doesn't Go Right Into Gear

You might experience your car being put into drive, but taking a second or more to actually get into gear. This is delayed engagement and means your transmission is not working as well as it should. While your transmission can last up to 200,000 miles, some will fail much earlier. If you put your car into gear and it doesn't go immediately, have your auto repair services take a look at your vehicle. 

Grinding Noises and Your Vehicle

When you notice new noises as your vehicle is driving down the road, it's important to report these right away to your mechanic. Grinding noises can mean your transmission fluid is low and needs to be filled up, or that you have a cracked gear that needs to be repaired.

Speed Changes While Driving

Transmission issues can manifest when you are driving along and your car suddenly changes into a lower gear unexpectedly. When the gear change doesn't make sense, it is probably your transmission malfunctioning. The transmission sends power to your wheels, telling the wheels how fast to turn. When there is a problem, you might change speeds for no reason.

Your transmission light is a big indicator that you have a problem going on with your transmission, as is finding a transmission fluid leak. Get both checked out immediately to avoid any further damage to your transmission. Driving around with low transmission fluid is going to cause problems with your transmission. You may end up with a failed transmission because you didn't make the necessary repairs in time. Pay attention to the noises your car emits, and call for auto repair services when your transmission is not working correctly.

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