Avoiding Serious Brake Problems With Your RV

20 November 2019
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An RV will have a powerful braking system that is essential for allowing the driver to control the vehicle. Unfortunately, RV owners may not be particularly knowledgeable about the braking system on these vehicles, and this can lead to problems.

Appreciate The Unique Demands Of RV Brake Systems

It is important for RV owners to appreciate the various challenges that the RV's brakes will have to endure. Much of this stress and strain will come from the sheer size of the RV. The large mass of the vehicle coupled with the speeds at which it will travel can create tremendous forces when the brakes are applied. These issues are especially true for those that will drive the vehicle on roads with steep inclines or other factors that could make smooth braking difficult.

Recognize When An RV's Brakes Are Starting To Encounter Performance Issues

Failing to properly and promptly respond to brake problems can be a common mistake for RV owners to make. However, there are some indications that your RV is needing to have the brake professionally serviced or repaired. One of the most important will be an increase in the stopping and slowing distances for the vehicle, which can make it much more difficult for you to safely navigate the RV. Additionally, there may be burning odors or grinding sounds when the brakes are applied due to the pads being excessively worn.

Keep The Emergency Brake Serviced

In addition to keeping the primary brakes serviced, RV owners will also want to avoid neglecting the emergency brake lever. Unfortunately, individuals will often go for years without thinking about servicing these components. However, the emergency brake can be essential for keeping the RV from rolling down hills, and it can be needed when you are struggling to regain control of the vehicle. When RV owners fail to service this part of the braking system, they may find that it fails when they need to rely on it the most. However, servicing this braking system every year will help to keep it in working condition.

Record Whenever Brake Work Is Done To The RV

When a person buys an RV, they are likely expecting to own this vehicle for many years. Unfortunately, this can make it harder to keep track of when the various repairs and other types of maintenance work have been done to the vehicle. To avoid accidentally skipping important brake repairs and service visits, a thorough maintenance log should be kept so you can review it whenever you suspect this maintenance is needing to be done.

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