Left Your Vehicle Out In A Hailstorm? What You Should Do Next

19 December 2018
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Hopefully, you always make sure to put your car in the garage or under a carport for protection. However, not everyone has that luxury all the time. You could use a normal parking lot at work, or perhaps there are too many cars in the family for them all to fit. While this isn't too much of a problem most of the time when there is a hailstorm your car could be seriously damaged. Read More 

Just Got A Job With A Lengthy Commute? Get Auto Service For Peace Of Mind

11 November 2018
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If you have been working in a job that is close to your home, you may have not worried about the condition of your vehicle knowing that you have other ways to get to work. But, you may have recently landed a job that comes with a lengthy commute, which means your vehicle will take on a greater responsibility to get you to work throughout the workweek. To enjoy peace of mind knowing that your car is equipped for these lengthy drives, you should head to an auto service center where you can get an inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Read More 

Someone Keyed Your Car While At The Mall? 2 Tips On What You Can Do To Repair It

21 September 2018
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If you come out of the mall and see that someone has keyed your car, this can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to repair the problem, two of which are listed below. This does depend on how deep the car was keyed, however. Below is information about this so you can get your car back to normal. 1. Repair the Key Scratch Yourself You may be able to repair the key scratch on your own. Read More 

3 Tips For Practicing Safety As A New School Bus Driver

26 August 2018
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Back to school for kids means new teachers, new school supplies, and a brand-new list of things to learn. For a new school bus driver, it means a brand-new year of taking kids to and from school and home. As a brand-new bus driver, you will need to memorize your route and memorize the faces of the kids and parents who will be along the route. Safety is the most important thing as a new bus driver, so it is important to get a handle on proper safety measures before the first day of school. Read More 

So You Want To Put Plain Water In Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir?

6 June 2018
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With the push to find more environmentally-friendly -- and more affordable -- options for your home and car, it's no surprise to find people asking about using plain water in their car's windshield wiper fluid reservoir. After all, water doesn't require a separate trip to the store, and you can add it whenever you need to. However, it is really not the best choice if you want to keep your windshield safe and clean. Read More