Getting Your RV Ready For Your Next Road Trip

26 February 2015
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It's time to clean up the RV and fix all of those little problems before you get out on the road this spring. Minor problems, like a split water line when trying to take a shower, become major headaches when you're out on the road. Get the toolkit out, walk around your RV and fix some of those minor issues while noting what needs to be taken care of by your local RV repair center.

Exterior Inspection

1. Start at the front windshield and check the wiper blades. Replace them if cracked and no longer flexible.

2. Check the tires for wear and tear. Look for nails or other sharp objects in them and have the RV center remove them and patch the tire if the puncture is deep.

3. Look at the front disc brakes for signs of grooves in the discs meaning the calipers are wearing down. Check your maintenance log for the last time your brakes were inspected. If traveling in mountainous country, be safe and get them inspected before you head out. Have the RV center check the rear drum brakes, too.

4. Have someone sit inside and turn on all of the light switches while you observe from the outside. You can replace any burned out light bulbs yourself. Buy extra bulbs so you have spares with you on the trip.

5. Open every compartment and hatch and check that they seal properly. Use a silicone spray on hinges to keep them from rusting and replace rubber or foam weather stripping around hatches to keep water from getting inside.

6. Check all hoses accessible from within those compartments for cracks and splits. Replace any damaged water lines, drain lines, washers and seals to have a watertight system.

Engine Inspection

1. Check battery dates and top off any batteries that you can fill. If your battery is reaching the end of its warranty, consider buying a new one before heading out. A dead battery in an RV park is no fun. Remove battery cables and clean off any corrosion from the clamps and battery posts.

2. Drain, flush and refill the radiator. Check the air cleaner and replace if clogged to improve gas mileage and to help keep your engine cool when driving those mountain roads.

3. Make sure the engine is running at its best by replacing any spark plug wires. Remove the spark plugs, clean and reset the gap. Replace any plugs that have corrosive buildup on the ground electrode or center electrode, or a cracked insulator.

Systems Inspection

1. Drain and flush the water heater. Continue flushing until no more sediment comes out. Replace any cracked seals and fill the tank with fresh water. Drain out any water holding tanks and run sanitizer through them. Flush with fresh water until you can no longer smell the bleach. Make sure to run the mixture through all of the faucets and showers to clean the water pipes, too.

2. Have the RV center inspect the propane system and replace any rusted tanks, cracked hoses and fittings. They will do a pressure test to detect any leaks and repair them so your system is safe to operate. Fill the propane tanks before leaving the RV center.

Interior Inspection

1. Make sure all electrical switches work in the driver's area. Replace any dashboard lights that aren't working and any fuses that may have burned out. Keep a spare set of fuses with you on any trip.

2. Check all other lights in the cabin and replace bulbs as needed. Check electrical outlets to make sure they still work.

3. Clean the ice box and refrigerator with a bleach solution to kill mold and mildew. Clean the oven and stove top. Check that the ice box and sink drains aren't clogged. Check that the refrigerator and stove work.

4. If you have an LP furnace in your RV, check that it works and replace any filters. Vacuum the blower area to remove any dust and cobwebs.

5. Remove any cushions and pads and clean them outside of the RV with a bleach solution to get rid of any mildew that can cause a musty smell inside of the RV.   Spend a weekend going through this checklist with your RV. The time you spend cleaning and repairing those minor things, and identifying more major repairs, will translate into a headache-free road trip for you and your family. (For more information on RV repair, contact Auto-Truck Services Inc)