How to Maintain the Tinting on Your Car Windows

2 June 2015
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Your newly tinted car windows will only keep your car cooler, block UV rays, and provide privacy if you take proper care of them. Your installer is likely to give you some basic follow up care instructions, but it's up to you to practice the necessary long term care required to keep your tint job looking like new.

The First Few Days

It can take a day or two for window tinting to fully dry on your car windows. It's much easier to scratch or pull the tinting loose during this time. Your installer will clean and wash down the windows immediately after installation, so there won't be any concerns with smudges or fingerprints. This means you should avoid cleaning the windows, along with rolling the up and down, for two days or the time recommended by your installer. Also, take care when removing seat belts and getting in and out of the car – you don't want anything to hit the glass and nick the tint.

The Right Tools

Abrasive cleaning supplies are the enemies of any glass, but they are especially harmful to tinted glass. Use a soft cloth, such as microfiber, for cleaning tinted windows. You want a dedicated cloth that is kept clean and free of dust. As for cleaning solutions, opt for a glass cleaner or regular soapy water. Avoid all-purpose cleaners, because they sometimes contain mild abrasives, like baking soda.

Master the Method

When cleaning your windows, rinse off the exterior with clear water to remove dust, and wipe the interior with a dry microfiber cloth to collect any dust. Removing the dust first ensures it won't scratch the window when you are wiping it vigorously later. The last thing you want is a small grit speck putting an ugly slash through your tinting. Then, spray your cleaner of choice on the windows and wipe or scrub them clean with a fresh microfiber cloth.

To catch streaks, wipe the exterior windows up and down, and then wipe the interior windows side to side. You can then tell which side is streaked by looking at the direction of the streaks.

Know Your Timing

The best time to clean both tinted and non-tinted windows is on an overcast day, or in the evening once the sun is no longer shining down on your car. Direct sunlight dries your cleaner too quickly, resulting in streaks. Direct sun and a hot day can also soften window tinting, which makes it more prone to damage. For more information on window tinting, talk to a professional like MidAmerica Tint.