3 Signs Your Car's AC Is Going Out

13 August 2015
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You rely on your car's AC to keep you cool when it's hot out. Keeping your air conditioner in great condition means knowing the signs that your AC is actually failing. Here are 3 of the most common signs your air conditioner is failing.

Warm or hot air

If your AC unit is suddenly blowing hot or warm air when you turn it on, especially when you are parked, your air conditioner's compressor may be failing. The compressor is responsible for converting the air it receives into cool air you can enjoy, and when it isn't working well, the temperature of the air blowing into your car will be a dead giveaway. if your auto's air conditioner doesn't cool down after a few minutes, your compressor may be to blame. Take your car auto AC services to have it looked at.

Strange sounds

Air conditioners in cars typically make a whooshing sound of air as they are turned on, but should not whistle, make ticking sounds, or create an obnoxious racket that causes distraction in the car. Any strange noises coming from your car's AC, even if it's blowing cool air, can mean that something is loose or about to break. You want to have any suspicious sounds looked at before this happens.


You may notice strange puddles on the ground after parking your vehicle when you've been using your AC for long periods of time. This leaking can be from lubrication that keeps metal from rubbing against itself or leaking refrigerant which helps keep your auto's AC cool. Your AC can cause leaks even if it appears to be functioning normally.

If you notice any strange liquids dripping from your vehicle, have your vehicle inspected by an experienced mechanic so they can diagnose what is causing your vehicle to do so. If the leaks are linked to your air conditioner, you may be referred to an auto AC mechanic who can inspect your air conditioner and make suggestions as to how to repair it.

You rely on your vehicle's air conditioner in order to stay cool as the temperatures rise. Remember, even an air conditioner that blows cool air may be posing a problem to you. Watch for these common signs your AC may be failing in your car so you can have auto AC maintenance performed as soon as possible. This is the best way to preserve your air conditioner so it can continue working for you.