Everything You Need to Know about European Car Maintenance

10 November 2015
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Fast, stylish, and carefully designed are just some of the many attractions and features of European cars. With proper care, the owner of a European car can expect good service and mileage of up to 150,000 miles. As an owner of a European car, adhering to the car's maintenance program increases the life and service of the car. Aside from the initial purchase cost, owners can expect to have maintenance fees, which include, but are not limited to, insurance, taxes, fuel cost, tire service and purchases, and oil changes. 

Determining Insurance and Taxes Cost

Before purchasing a European car, it would be wise to research and learn about the specific maintenance needs. For example, the cost of insurance for a European car will vary depending on specific criteria, such as the car's expected usage, the age of the driver, the type of coverage needed, and your state of residency. The amount of taxes you will pay depends on your state of residency. In addition to sales tax, some states impose asset/property taxes. The asset/property taxes are determined by multiplying the assessed value of the car by the tax rate of the municipality of residence.

Fuel Cost

While European vehicles are ideal because they are more fuel efficient, it is important to keep in mind that they were designed with the intention of being fuel efficient in Europe, not the United States. The unfortunate truth is, as of 2015, the prices of both traditional gasoline and diesel fuel are significantly cheaper in Europe. According to the US Energy Information Administration, diesel fuel is still between 20 and 30 cents more expensive than traditional gasoline in the United States as of 2015. Fortunately, as long as your vehicle is well maintained, the slightly more expensive fuel is well worth the significantly more fuel efficient vehicle.

Maintenance and Service

European cars fall into the category of luxury cars since the majority of European cars are very expensive. However, European car maintenance and services are not much different from other car maintenance programs. Car belts, spark plugs, filters, and tire rotations are a few of the required services. New cars are pretty much maintenance-free for the first 30,000 miles, according to Beckley Automotive Services. European car owners should seek reputable car service companies with mechanics who are skilled and knowledgeable in terms of required maintenance.

There are hidden costs that many car buyers must consider, and exploring the hidden cost for European cars can help a prospective car buyer make sound decisions based on their finances. Calculating the true cost of a car purchase, in advance, will help alleviate any unnecessary stress.