4 Problems With Your Transmission That Are Easy To Fix

17 February 2016
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The transmission of your vehicle is one of the most important components because it allows you to keep your car moving. This is because the transmission helps your car to shift gears, so if it is not functioning properly, your car can lose it's ability to shift gears smoothly and it can prevent you from getting proper acceleration while driving. The most common problem people have with their transmission is overheating. In this case, you will need to take it to a professional for transmission repair. Here are four problems with your transmission that are easy to fix and can help prevent this from happening:

  1. Low Fluid Levels: The transmission fluid is what helps keep all the parts that make up the transmission cool and moving smoothly. With low levels of transmission fluid, you have a much higher chance of experiencing an overheated transmission. Every once in a while, you will want to pop open the hood of your car while the car is still warm, check the transmission dipstick, which will have markings on it that indicate where the transmission fluid levels currently reside. 
  2. A Leak: A leak in the transmission is often a sign of a defective part in your vehicle that will need to be replaced. You will know if you have a transmission leak if you notice any red stains under your vehicle. If you catch sight of this, you will have to take your vehicle into a repair shop so they can isolate the problem and replace the parts that are causing the leak. 
  3. Bad Fluid: When you check for low fluid levels in the transmission, you should be paying attention to how it smells. If the fluid smells burnt or you notice that the fluid is extremely dark, this means that it is old and dirty and needs to be replaced. Take your car to an auto repair shop and have them provide a transmission fluid change. If you continue to cap off dirty transmission fluid, the dirt and grime is going to begin causing wear and tear to all the components that make up the transmission. 
  4. Transmission Slip: Since the transmission is what controls the shifting of gears in your vehicle, you may notice that the gears are slipping for no apparent reason. If this happens, it's usually because you need to change the low fluid levels. If this doesn't help, taking your vehicle to a transmission repair professional, like Integrity Transmission & Auto Service Center, will help to resolve what the true cause may be. 

By knowing how to fix these four common problems with the transmission, you can be sure that you continue to keep it healthy, which in turn ensures that your car runs as smoothly as possible.