Preparing To Have Your Trailer Verified

27 July 2016
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To allow the trailer verification process to proceed as smoothly as possible, you will need to know what is expected of you and whether you are required to even have your particular trailer inspected. Once your trailer has been verified, you are then able to have it registered. 

The Verification Process

All trailers are checked for a VIN. Then, the VIN must be physically verified against all supporting paperwork. If the trailer does not have a VIN, it will need to be assigned a new VIN. For this to occur, the trailer will need to come with a title or another proof of ownership. There will need to be a correctly executed bill of sale. An inspection of the vehicle must also reveal that the VIN is missing or illegible. When the trailer has been established as being eligible, it is then necessary to complete an affidavit. 

The Trailer Must Be In Compliance

Before a trailer is inspected, it needs to be completely operational and must be in compliance with all laws and regulations. The verification will not be conducted if the trailer is not ready for the road or if the trailer is in a state where it would be impossible to perform an inspection.

Bring Documentation Showing Ownership

Before the trailer is verified, you will need to show documents verifying that you own it or provide evidence that it is a homemade trailer. After the trailer has been verified, the documents are returned so they can be used for registration purposes.

Have The Trailer Inspected For Safety

When trailers are homemade, they need to be inspected to make sure that they are safe to operate. It must not have a torn fender or a fender with sharp edges. Doors need to be securely attached to the frame. There must be a braking system on each wheel. The number plate must be clearly displayed and in a horizontal position. Rear fenders are usually required if the back of the trailer does not provide adequate protection from splashing water and dirt. The frame must be capable of supporting the intended load without flexing. Finally, the hitch needs to be properly secured and mounted.

Unload The Trailer Yourself

When you arrive at the location where your trailer will be verified, you will need to make sure that the trailer comes with everything necessary to allow for the horn, lights and brakes to be tested.

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